Photo Vampyr works

What happens when a Bulgarian, Frenchman and Italian come together? The answer is one - the different restaurant, which presented for the first time in Plovdiv three years ago the taste of the Italian street food. This is not just a place but a small family history. 15 years ago, in Sofia, Florian met his wife and decided to stay here. Over time, he was getting on with her brother, Dimitar, and quite casually at a dinner while preparing a favorite recipe, they got the idea to do something new.

Today, three years later, they are already growing with a new location - just before the Pedestrian Bridge of Maritza river. So, for all those working in the central area and Kapana, there is another place where you can eat healthy, quality food cooked in front of you in less than 3 minutes. The new location is on a pedestrian street and has seating areas both inside and outside, making it even more attractive for all of us who are in no hurry to return to the office or get home, just wanting to eat something delicious in a nice company and atmosphere.

The menu is short, with two types of pasta - classic and wholegrain (with einkorn flour), several varieties of sauce and some desserts. Culinary people say they don’t want to enrich it too much, so as not to risk the quality of food falling. All production is inside the restaurant. The pasta has a little duration and they try to sell it within the day. The secret is in the ingredients and the kneading of the dough. Boiling takes two minutes, and it is served al dente, because by this way of preparation the carbohydrates are degraded more slowly and keep us full for longer.

In sauces they offer both classic and original variations. They experiment with a variety of recipes, and we strongly recommend you try Pesto Nero, where anchovy and black olives are added to the traditional recipe. This is their interpretation based on a French recipe and is a great alternative for pesto lovers who dare to try it in another variation. Only premium and specially selected products are used, and the goal is none of them to stay for too long to ensure maximum enjoyment of the taste of the food and to feel the freshness with every bite.

Nice pasta is boiled fast and consumed hot, in place. This way it is the most aromatic and all the spices used can be tasted. Everyone’s favorite sauces are carbonara and the classic pesto with basil, but our team sincerely advises you to trust the recommendation of the smiling staff and friendly owners and try something new.

And if you think you may miss the desserts, we will immediately change your mind. They are two, but there’s something for every preference. The chocolate fondant just melts in the mouth and perfectly combines the texture of a cupcake with creamy liquid chocolate in the filler. The pannacotta is an original variation and the main thing is the right balance between the products, the result of which is the feeling of a soft cream with a soft mascarpone taste.

Service is quick and people here seem different. They always meet you with a smile and even strangers greet you, brought together by the magic of the fresh pasta.

You can find the restaurants on 5 Gladstone St. and 71 Rayko Daskalov St. (Maritza Pharmacy, before the Pedestrian Bridge on the left).