We already know that there are a lot of workshops in district Kapana. The craft masters are professionals. They work hard in order to develop a product that will not only catch your eye, but also leave you completely satisfied. The situation with art studio Giovanna on “Frédéric Joliot-Curie” 3 st. is the same.  Its owner Vania Marinova is cheerful, selfless and very smiling. She will welcome you kindly, friendly talk with you and at the same time listen to all your desires. 

Vania makes bags from real leather. A costumer can choose the model and color of the bag and she’ll design it. The leather bag is another class. It tells a lot about its proprietor. It shows part of its identity, tells the charming artisan. 
The aim of the workshop is not to offer a conveyor. Not to make cheap products, but quality ones. The idea of the shop came spontaneously. The ambitious woman wants to develop, so with the help and incitement by her children, she decided to open her own studio where she can have direct contact with the costumers. 

For years I stood in one place. I wanted to go Up! My son proposed Kapana because of its concept. It is the place where you can find different things. Things that people truly appreciate, explains Vania. 
Because the bags are made from leather, the accessories must be first quality as well. The accessories and zippers are Italian. Vania makes also purses and belts that required finer materials. There are special machines for them that achieve the desired results. 

There is no trend in my shop. I try to please even the most demanding costumers. 
In the production of bags Vania comply with everything, even ones growth. She also works with burlap and denim. There are many custom orders as personalized gifts. Sometimes she makes bracelets or a particular jewel on demand. Everything from leather! She also makes inscriptions on bindings for notebooks and books, again on demand. 
I like working in Kapana. There are costumers for everyone if you know how to reach them. The prices are high but every product is unique and nonrepeating. I try to elaborate each handmade product. There is always something more you can do. 
That’s how Vania do business – with pleasure and good attitude.