Nowadays, it isn’t difficult to wake up in Paris on Monday, fly to China in the middle of the week, and finally end the week in New York for example. But because for most of us this can’t be daily routine, culinary trips are just as exciting.

Multi Culti is a gastro bar, one of the most popular formats in Europe today. Typical of them is that they allow you to enjoy delicious international cuisine combined with a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The setting is modern and casual, allowing you to completely relax, in absolute contrast with the posh and sterile restaurants.

There, you can try the most popular street food classics from over 10 countries without having to buy a vignette and go outside of Plovdiv, right in the very center of the city. The concept, however, is a total counterpoint to all the things we can eat on the go like pizza and the burger trend of the last year, and is unique to the City under the hills.

The early morning hours in Kapana are favorite of many, and the scent of freshly brewed coffee is simply irresistible. In Multi Culti, it is made from varieties specially selected for the place and comes freshly baked every week. Each cup is prepared by a team of baristas, who, besides love for what they do, are holders of the Barista Maestro certificate. And along with the coffee we recommend you start your day with hot croissants with butter, butter cake with raspberries and blueberries or pancakes.

For lunch and dinner you can taste delicious dishes made according to authentic recipes from: Spain (lentil with chorizo); Thassos island (tomato soup with trahana); Austria (pumpkin soup with ginger) or let them take you to Vietnam (traditional sandwich), New York (eggs Benedict) and many other distant destinations with tempting culinary offers.

The restaurant has one of the richest wine lists in Plovdiv, containing 54 labels, of which 10 can also be tried in a glass. All wines in Multi Culti are selected from a sommelier with a 7-year experience in a 2-star Michelin restaurant. The selection of the grape elixir is meant to show the exceptional richness and quality of Bulgarian wines, but there are also world classics from 9 other countries to suit and compliment the qualities of the offered menu.

In a gastro bar, you should also try cocktails, and here, they have 7 original offers, inspired by the seven continents, as well as an additional list of over 10 classic cocktails.

For the sweet end of every culinary experience there is also a confectionery showcase with boutique and handmade temptations of the highest quality products.

Everything is prepared at the moment from fresh products. Only bread with sourdough is used, all the buns are specially created for the establishment by the chairman of the bakery guild and the vice-chairman of the artisan chamber GeorgiThe Master Lefterov. Every morning begins with the preparation of three kinds of homemade mayonnaise and homemade ketchup. Sandwich additives such as ham, sausage and pickles are also prepared in Multi Culti in order to be absolutely sure about the quality of the ingredients and the flavor. The modernly equipped kitchen allows staff to make all syrups and ingredients for cocktails as well as soft drinks so that they are completely natural and made from fruits and herbs.

The frequent menu replacement and thematic weekends with different national cuisine allow customers to always discover something new and challenge their senses, and the idea of a culinary journey through food is the solution for all experimenters and adventurers who are ready to go anywhere, even if it’s only by the taste of a dish.

The gastro bar participates and fights for a prize in the nominees for Restaurant of the Year 2018 Bacchus Acqua Panna&S.Pellegrino in the New Wave: Brunch category.