In nature there are examples of animals that carry their entire home on their backs and they move their home here and there. There are such people, but most often with medium-sized backpacks, instead of a shell.

Four years ago the Greek man Nikitas Huhutas takes everything he has, puts it on his shoulders and from his native land on Khalkidhiki he heads north. And he arrives exactly where we wants to – in Plovdiv, in Kapana. He is the next character in our series about stories from the district.

With his arrival here Nikitas notices the unbelievable co-existence of five different cultures – Bulgarians, Armenians, Greeks, Jews and Turks, who exist in agreement and dynamics. He was immediately assured that this is where his new shelter and business will be. That’s how for the past year the people of Plovdiv have been eating at a great restaurant, satiated with stories we are going to tell you about - Terzo Mondo in Kapana. Where Makalali used to be.

The Greek crisis at the time caused him and everybody else great damage. However, Nikitas firmly believes that people should stop the bad things themselves and start anew. That if you’ve ever been successful, you can be successful again. That’s what happened. After the complete bankruptcy came the new beginning, on top of that under the hills.

After long voyages around the world and lots of wandering in the East, he changed his way of thinking and his view on what is important and what is not in everyday life. ‘And that’s what my reason to create this place was. I was spiritually full and emotionally satisfied by my many years of travelling. I decided that this should be my foundation – all these photos and sounds that I’ve captured and collected from the exotic places. And I started fresh here.’ said he with optimism.

Measure twice, cut once. He had looked around for three years, made researches and thought where he should situate his new shelter. He chose Kapana and gave his life a fresh beginning. The objects on the restaurant’s floor, walls, columns and ceiling have previously been in his house. But at a certain moment he just sold the place in which he previously lived, so that he could find himself in Plovdiv.

And more precisely, Nikitas feels the old artisan’s district as his pace – the paved one with the narrow streets and old buildings in the center. Do you remember it? He understood that people hang out exactly there and at the end of the week the youth wakes up the place during the nights. What he wants from his clients is to be a part of their everyday life and not to just call in for a little while. They should feel comfortable with some nice coffee, food and rum.

‘I avoid the mentality of the ‘Cayenne parked in front of the restaurant’. I prefer the other type of customers.’ Nikitas winks. The connoisseurs.

We briefly introduced you and now most sweetly we let you sink into the culinary art of Terzo Mondo’s divine cuisine. Translated from Italian the restaurant’s name means ‘Third World’. That’s exactly what the cuisine is. There are dishes from Thailand, Algeria, Mexico and God knows where else from. The irony is that in the Greek restaurant the only food you’ll not find is Greek. Other than one – tigania. But it’s been placed there as a strategy. ‘My idea is to ridicule the current situation in Greece, because they want us to become a Third world country’, sais the owner.

How do you make a tigania? You take a pork leg, but a front one, and you cut it into small pieces. You add salt, pepper, oregano (you can’t go without oregano) and olive oil. You cut mushrooms and leave it for two minutes, you stir it, so that everything roasts as it should and then you put it aside. At the end you put lemon and oregano. You fry a potato for a short time, but not à la McDonald’s. Et viola!

 ‘I believe that this part of Plovdiv, Kapana, with all its narrow paved streets will become a cultural center of the future. I know and I pray for the city to be chosen European capital of culture for 2019. This is one of the reasons for me to invest here. The second reason is that this is a city of the young people. They know how to live and enjoy. The third reason because of which I’ve invested here is Kapana’s architecture and the abandoning of Kapana. All buildings should be renovated and I feel that this will happen step by step. Whatever happens, you’ll find me exactly here at least in the next 10 years.’ Nikitas Huhutas points at the spot bellow his feet.

Expect the remarkable stories on the lands of The Third World, told and experienced by Nikitas himself!