Odeon Hotel is the personal project of a lady who put all her heart and energy in creating something of her own and with her personal signature.

Working in the tourist industry for many years, Tony Simidchieva's idea of doing something of her own has always been a major driver throughout her professional career. For a long time, she has been searching for the right place and changing several concepts until she discovered the architectural jewel at Otets Paisii Street 15 years ago. The building is quite old, built in the 1930s, but bears the marks of the aristocracy and the Plovdiv intelligentsia of that time. In its reconstruction, they decided on a small number of rooms - only 9 - because it allows a person to be more flexible and to respond to all the circumstances that may arise from managing a hotel for more than a decade. Undoubtedly, previous experience in the sphere helps a lot, especially in crisis situations that have been happening over the years. Then she harnessed the whole family and sometimes stood at the reception herself in order to survive and turn her dream into reality. It is not a coincidence that the restaurant of the hotel today is in the hands of her son, Chef Harry Sopadzhiyan, and is considered one of the most favorite places of the people under the hills.

"It's not just a hotel, it's not just one of the many restaurants, it's something special, it's an exciting adventure in the spirit of the old Plovdiv intelligentsia, an exciting journey in the depths of history, one of the most artistic and beautiful places in the ancient city of Plovdiv..."

Each room or apartment has a home-like feeling and totally differs from the usual sterile hotel environment with its various interior design solutions. They didn’t work with a designer in furnishing the place, and Tony Simidchieva has carefully selected every detail. More often than not she did things "backwards" starting from the finishing touch, but the innate sense of harmony and delicate style is appreciated not only by hotel guests but also by artists and design teachers. The furniture is made of massive oak, and the whole atmosphere is as if enveloped in the retro spirit of the past aristocratic era. All paintings are selected with a sense of the unobtrusive art and contribute in a unique way to the feeling that you are not in a big, impersonal hotel, but in a place where details matter.

Although located a few steps from the longest pedestrian street in Europe, Odeon Hotel manages to maintain its coziness and intimacy while at the same time amazes us with the magnificent view that it reveals to the remains of Antique Plovdiv. All the sights are within walking distance and the place is preferred by all people who want to be in the very center of the city but at the same time seek to silence and tranquility. The staff is always discreet, unobtrusive and finds a way to satisfy the guests' wishes in order to make their stay comfortable.

We recommend that if you are looking for a place where you won’t just spend the night but feel the atmosphere of Plovdiv; if you are looking not just for a hotel but for a place where you won’t be a client but a friend, you must visit Odeon Hotel & Restaurant and let yourself be taken care of your unforgettable experience in the oldest living city in Europe.