Is there anything tastier than pizza made by a real virtuoso in culinary art? Maestro Giuseppe Lomuscio is well-known to all connoisseurs of good food, for whom the southern dishes are the greatest temptation. It has long made people of Plovdiv and guests of the city fall in love with Italian cuisine and culture, and on his last visit to Bulgaria in May even Pope Francis appreciated his achievements by choosing him to take care of his food.

The newest project of the Italian Pizza Pazza is in an emblematic location - the former Avenue, and it really stunts us with the unique taste of the pizzas. In fact, they are not too much, because for every authentic pizzeria the most important thing is quality. It doesn’t consist in the unlimited choice, but rather in the combination of real products and the chef's mastery. Here, the ingredients are imported directly from Italy - cherry tomatoes from sunny Sicily, delicious sausages from the southern Italian province of Puglia, mozzarella from the hometown of Giuseppe - Adria, which is delivered fresh every week by the factory, part of the family business more than 100 years already. Its production is limited and even in Italy, it is not supplied everywhere! You must also try the stracchino which is not so widely known here because, according to many connoisseurs, it expresses the natural taste and aroma of the quality milk at the highest degree and gives the pizza a soft and tender milky touch.

Pizza Pizza is the only place in the City under the hills where you can prepare your pizza with dough even in bright purple. After the success of the black color with which Giuseppe first experimented with OsteriaRosmarino, today with the help of red beet juice you can get your pizza even more colorful. Combined with the freshness of the products used, the choice is a real delight in a dish not only for the palate but also for the eyes. And when you ask about the most popular pizzas, we will immediately mention the undisputed favorites. Pepperoni is a classic recipe, but authentic Italian sausage gives it a slightly spicy flavor that makes it so memorable. The Tyrolese is a true feast of cheese and meat delicacies, which combines in a unique way soft and more intense aromas in one.

Pizza as a dessert may sound like something impossible and incompatible, but we warn you immediately not to be biased. The "crazy" pizza - really is an absolutely unthinkable combination - pizza dough, thick liquid chocolate sprinkled with powdered sugar and almonds. A real feast for the senses and the favorite treat of all young visitors.

In addition to a delicious national dish at Pizza Pazza, you can also enjoy lasagna and pasta without which no Italian table is the same.

The setting is pleasant and unobtrusive, quite in the style of this type of Italian restaurants. The concept is to put emphasis on the satiating and irresistible food that will make you come back again, not the glamorous interior with mediocre specialties. For summer, we recommend you sit in the cool garden where you absolutely isolate yourself from the noise of the city and sink into the feeling of the unparalleled aromas of freshly baked dough and fragrant cheese combined with the smoky scent of pizza sausages.

You no longer need to travel to Italy because Pizza Pazza will become a favorite destination for all who adore the pizza and eat it often!