The history of this cute place began 10 years ago, in the town of Krichim, where the owner Polly and her family have their own workshop for the production of pastries, cakes and sweets made following old recipes from mothers and grandmothers. Gradually, they managed to develop their idea on Plovdiv soil as well, and just a few months ago, Polly managed to make her dream come true of having her own cozy and elegant pastry shop, where she could indulge in the things she loves.

The name came quite naturally: "reading room" - because she loves books and has been reading since she was a child, and "politerapia" - a combination of her name with what the pastry shop is for her - therapy for all the senses. Because Politerapia Reading Room is not an ordinary place where you just eat something sweet in the middle of the day, but it’s also a delight. Delight for the soul - with literature always available to "feed" your mind as well; delight for the taste - with the temptations that the pastry chefs prepare; a delight for the senses - with its elegant and feminine atmosphere and the pleasant and relaxing music that contribute to the unique setting.

This is a place where once you enter you find yourself in a wonderland, especially if you’re an avid reader. The space is divided into three floors, each like a separate element of magic.

On the first floor is the showcase, which we guarantee won’t leave you indifferent and will certainly tempt you to break your one-piece rule. We can start with the traditional flavors such as red velvet, raffaello and garash, but we can also continue with the Politerapia cake with cherries, made following an original recipe. You shouldn’t miss the oriental desserts either, because here they are prepared really phenomenally - from the must-have Turkish baklava to the  shekerpare which melts in your mouth or the fluffy trilece.

There is also quite a choice for lovers of salty delights and you can even order a takeout - a fragrant pita with butter, a homemade banitsa or milinka with cheese - all this not only sounds appetizing, but is also extremely tasty.

An interesting part of their assortment is their own production of cold-pressed healthy juices without added preservatives and sugar, which are suitable for young and old and perfectly complement any chosen treat.

The reading corner you'll find here, right next to the entrance, is dedicated to the "strongest" literature that has fueled Polly over the years and left her with a grain of wisdom and powerful messages. You will find many of those messages in various places on the walls, as she wrote them down and collected them for a long time. Even the fortunes that come with drinks and menu pages are filled with inspirational quotes that not only make us smile, but also motivate us to fill our day with positive energy and enthusiasm.

The second floor is dedicated to psychological literature, biographies and autobiographies, as well as to Bulgarian authors - classics and contemporary fiction. There are a number of titles in specially designated places that you can pick up and flip through at any time and we even guarantee that you’ll start reading, and in combination with a culinary delight and a hot drink it is quite possible that you lose track of time.

There is also a library devoted to world classics in the top floor. There is nothing better than diving into your favorite books and re-reading pages that made an impression on you. There is always something new to pick up and learn. Because, as our fortune said: "Once you stop learning, you start dying." - Einstein.

All the furniture has been chosen with great care and is in an authentic baroque style. Polly did the interior and selected the decorations herself, and the end result is very feminine and romantic, as if taking you back to a time of lavish ball gowns, daytime tea parties and romantic dates.

It’s no surprise that a young gentleman approached them quite recently with the idea of preparing a surprise for his beloved on Valentine's Day. The lady thought that a friend was waiting for her here, but in fact everyone from the pastry shop was waiting for her (having seen her on a previously sent photo) and they had the mission to surprise her with lots of sweet treats and a specially prepared decoration. It was an unforgettable experience. The place is very convenient for all kinds of events, such as tastings, literary readings, presentations, workshops.

Politerapia Reading Room Pastry Shop also has its own website, where you can check out the menu and place an order. There is also an option where you can make your own cake from preset cream and topping options and enjoy your favorite flavors for a personal occasion or celebration. All kinds of orders are accepted, and for Easter there will also be fluffy Easter breads.

Telling about the sweetness and pleasure of visiting the place in a little more than 500 words is not easy at all, so we advise you to make sure for yourself that there is something for everyone in Politerapia Reading Room!

Address: 10 Zlatarska St

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