Culinary temptations from all over the world, selected high quality drinks, nice music, friendly staff and freshness from nature – that’s how we can briefly describe restaurant Marbella located on The Rowing Channel, one of the quietest places in Plovdiv, among greenery and fresh air.

A few days ago there was a Greek night at the restaurant with traditional meals from our Southern neighbor and selected crystalized uzo which whispers of summer. In addition to being famous with its theme nights dedicated to different national cuisines, in June Marbella starts a magical wine adventure which combined with the restaurant’s excellent Mediterranean cuisine and the specially selected music promises to please all your senses and give you a feeling of true culinary pleasure.

The restaurant’s owners take a huge step forward offering a different approach to wine and promising that it won’t be just tastings of the divine elixir. They set the ambitious goal of developing wine culture in Plovdiv because as we all know good food goes well with good wine.

“We want to introduce our clients to different sorts and styles of wine. Our different approach to the drink is in putting the accent on the wine inside the bottle and not on the brand or the label. And last but not least, we strive to emphasize the delicious food in Marbella in a specific way thanks to the unique wine list we developed for the theme nights with the help of "Wine Partners Bulgaria,” excitedly said the manager Daniel Kitov, who can’t wait to welcome all who want to take part in this celebration for the senses.

The specially selected offers which are going to be introduced during the wine nights are a selection from different wine cellars and in summertime they are going to include the best from rosé, white and sparkling wine. They are going to have a special price and this is only one of the gestures Marbella makes to its clients so that the guests at the restaurant can try more special wines in combination with the most appropriate dish for the particular sort. Even if you don’t know which wine suits the meal of your choice, you can ask the experienced waiters for advice.

The wine celebration in Marbella begins on 15th June when the restaurant is going to offer meals specially combined with the first luxurious selection of MH Wines. You are going to have the opportunity to enjoy three products of the Bulgarian cellar - MH Purple Sauvignon Blanc, MH Blue Granache, Mourvedre, Syrah and MH GOLD 2014 Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Petit Verdot.

On 22nd June the wine adventure continues with South American night in Marbella which is going to take you far in Argentina and Chile. The chef has prepared delicious traditional dishes which are going to be accentuated by the special wine offers - Errazuris Estate Carmenere from the Aconcagua valley in Chile and Trapiche Sauvignon Blanc from the Mendosa region in Argentina. There are going to be Latino rhythms carefully selected by Ilia Cholakov who’s proved his knowledge on Latin American music more than once.

On 29th June, Saint Peter’s Day, you are going to have the opportunity to celebrate in a cozy atmosphere with good food and drinks in the company of Mediterranean specialties and a selection of the best wines of Four Friends wine cellar. The sorts which are going to be introduced by the main technologist Petar Iliev that night are Sauvignon Blanc, Mourvedre & Granache, Mourvedre, Riesling & Gewürztraminer & Pinot gris & Grüner Veltliner.

As is clear, in Marbella you don’t just eat - you enjoy yourself, because the good restaurant is the one which concerns itself with the food but also with the wine. Leading here are the emotion and the gesture towards the client who receives special wine, irresistibly tasty food and good attitude.