Sahat Tepe is one of the six hills in Plovdiv. Its name is Turkish and in translate it means The hill of the clock. The name is not a coincidence. There is a clock tower on the top of the hill which measures time for several centuries. The first clock tower was built in the late 16th century in European model. There is no dial, but the clocks copper ring measures the time on every hour.

Although the name is given by our southern neighbor Turkey, the hill was called Sahat even before that. Turks merely translated the name of their native language, but it is believed that the hill got its name from the Greek people. Currently, there’s a small park around the clock tower that is a favorite among young people for night summer meetings.

Sahat tepe is also known as The hill of the television tower because the radio transmitters of the city radio and television station are located on the top. Under the rocks various artists painted the faces of famous Bulgarians. You can see the faces of many musicians, writers, actors, etc.

There are many buildings that date back to different historical periods in the development of the city. There are palaces from the beggining of the last century with such a fine details that every architecture lover will be amazed. Next to them there are houses in the style of modern construction, and between these two styles rises magnificent Evangelical Church that is a joy to the eye of visitors and for Catholics - a place of purification their soul.

This is a place full of life. The small parks are full of people whose voices are buzzing in the warm months of the year. It shows almost the entire city center, and often the place is preferred for romantic meetings or gatherings of friends who want to be under the open sky.