On the eve of its second year, Smokini has established itself as a preferred place for people of Plovdiv, who enjoy the coziness and incredible culinary specialties.

Not far from the Kapana district and the Old Plovdiv, Smokini is the perfect location when you want to relax, enjoy delicious and well-prepared food and experiment with different tastes.

The interior is a contrasting blend of rough, industrial design and cozy, homely vintage feel. It has two main halls in winter, and in summer - a sunny patio and a nestled terrace overlooking the iconic Otets Paisii Street.

An interesting fact is that the place was a restaurant before too that for 35 years offered traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Today, in the kitchen of Smokini, are prepared Bulgarian national specialties and international cuisine. A special place is dedicated to vegetarian and vegan offers because the choice of people to eat in this way is not a reason for compromise with taste.

The menu is enviably varied and the specialties prepared incredibly well combine tradition and innovation. They do not stop putting a great amount of creativity in every dish. They like to provoke the client. The variety of annual seasons gives fruit, vegetables, spices, and herbs, which the imagination and knowledge of the staff combine in endless ways. All products are fresh, quality and from Bulgarian producers, which is another guarantee of food enjoyment.

The dish list is constantly supplemented and changed to combine the freshness and lightness of the summer months as well as to guarantee a unique taste experience every season with its characteristic ingredients and spices. For those with a sweet tooth we shall recommend some divine desserts, which you must try - homemade nougat ice cream dessert and Triplet art with white, milk and black chocolate. We guarantee that the last dessert will become a favorite of all fans of chocolate.

From a smile on the door, through a pleasant interior to fast service, they always try to provide their guests with positive emotions. The friendly staff is always ready with a competent recommendation not only for a suitable dish but also for combining it with the perfect wine to highlight the tastes.

Plovdiv deserves good places for personal and business meetings, for relaxation and tranquility, complete enjoyment and fun, and it is no coincidence that Smokini is visited not only by couples in love but also by friends and business partners and even by world-famous names like Sting and Zucchero.

Each of them finds something for themselves, and in their own culinary adventure, they succeed in feeling the spirit of good food prepared with attention and inspiration.