In close proximity to "Паша", right on the opposite street, the other Turkish restaurant in Kapana has hidden. Its name lures you to sit on the second, it’s Sofra (TN: a small round table). Amidst the groats with tomatoes that they make with a unique taste, as well as the other dishes, there are, however, some winners. Sofra is the undoubted winner in making döner and kapana banitsa (TN: a dish made of layered pastry sheets filled with cheese). The ladies trying to keep their waists tiny should definitely stay away from this place, for they wouldn’t last long before leading astray. When we say döner, the one offered in the small restaurant has nothing to do with the cheap ones at the fast foods, in which you don’t know what you’re actually eating. A portion of döner costs considerably more there than in does in the small döner places scattered throughout town, but that’s why the taste you’ll get has nothing to do with the popular one. So, the fans of exotic breakfasts will be more than satisfied. About the banitsa – every housewife would throw away her baking tins and rolling pin with shame.

In the end, despite of their common origin, the two places are quite different and you enjoy all sides of the traditional dishes of our neighbouring country.

What else do we have to tell you? Ah, yes! Afiyet olsun!