At the beginning of the cold months, it is time to sit down for a moment with the hectic everyday life and pamper and pay attention to ourselves. Surely one of the most appropriate ways is to indulge in quality SPA treatments and therapies to give joy not only to the body but also to our soul.

The team of the only digital guide under the hills tested for you one of the hidden places where, without going out of town, we can indulge in SPA pleasures and relax in complete peace to find our personal peace and balance.

The SPA center at Imperial Hotel is a city oasis where time seems to stop and we can leave any worrying thoughts on its doorstep. The overall atmosphere and feeling are for the ultimate comfort and luxury you sink into and you want to stay in throughout the day. And this is not at all difficult as they offer a rich palette of exclusive spa treatments, massages and body, and face therapies. The area of the center is over 700 m2 and features: steam bath, Finnish sauna, aroma sauna, infrared cabin, contrast hydrotherapy, jacuzzi, Kneipp path, relax zone with heated benches.

The Kneipp path is an intermediate procedure where bathtubs with cold and warm water alternate. The walk in it generates a flow of energy. The temperature contrast improves blood circulation and has a hardening effect on the whole organism.

In the winter months, we recommend not to neglect the therapeutic effect that the stay in the aromatic herbal sauna can offer you. It enables you to strengthen your immune system and reduce the symptoms of colds.

SPA procedures are one of our favorite ways to refresh, relax, and at the same time - an opportunity to recover our body. Here you can choose from a variety of therapies appropriate to every age, gender and skin. Transdermal magnesium therapy, which is recognized as the most effective way to supply the body with magnesium, is particularly effective. By rubbing magnesium oil into the skin and then applying the magnesium mask, the optimal amount is naturally absorbed by the body. Transdermal therapy is an extremely effective means of relaxing the muscles, especially recommended for athletes and after exhaustion and physical exercise.

The novelty with aroma massage is the use of a diffused lamp with essential oils for inhalation, which enriches the senses with exotic aromas and complements the pleasant sensation of massage.

For lovers of facial and body procedures at SPA Center Imperial, they offer ultrasound massage and therapies with beautifying, toning and healing effect. A culmination of the overall spa experience is the Atlantic spa therapy. It combines a stay in a steam bath to relax the body, continues with an exfoliation with scrub, mask, and massage. This is an exclusive thalassotherapy used in urban spa environments.

All cosmetic treatments use the high-quality French cosmetics THALION, and to continue your spa experience at home, THALION products used in therapies are available for purchase.

Combine your stay with relaxation in the relax zone and leave yourself in the warm embrace of the thermal armchairs. The space is decorated in soft muted tones and allows you to enjoy pleasant music.

For all guests of the spa area, there are free bathrobes, towels, and disposable slippers, as well as fruit and tea, so that you can immerse in the comfort of your own nook.

No matter what type of therapy you decide to indulge in, be sure to take the time, get to know all the conditions for package prices, cards and discounts, and gift cards. They are a great choice to give joy to a loved one.

Spending time on your personal tranquility and escaping from the madness of everyday stress is not difficult, especially when there is no need to organize a special trip, and our oasis for SPA pleasures is almost one step away.