One of the most valuable archeological objects from the ancient Philippopolis is located on private terrain. You can take a walk into the roman city but only at a glance, behind wire fences. Then you can bay Bulgarian rose tomatoes from the market nearby. 

Specialists determined the complex of ruins from antiquity as exclusive and unique as it reveals many details of life under the three hills of the time before Christ. There was supposed to be a new archeological museum at the spot but whit the end of communism the project was frozen and the terrain became private. On record 7.5 acres stretches the Roman quarter with six areas of the ancient city – a large sector of the Ancient city, which is directly connected to the Forum, the Odeon, the Basilicas, the East Gate and Ancient Theatre. You can see a lot dwelling houses, public buildings and streets. Archeologists found an ancient Philippopolis tavern. The inn has had a public space, second floor for guests and even patio toilet. The central room had an area of 100 square meters, with four entrances, wall plaster, mortar and brick floors. The archeologists found amphorae for wine and olive oil.

The most important discovery is the pantheon temple which served as a tribute to all the gods. Near the pantheon were found hundreds of pottery of deities and votive tablets. Some of them are currently exhibited at the Archaeological Museum.

It is discovered large private residential building probably belonged to a rich and noble Philippopolis citizen. Also the only 45 square meters mosaic of the site. There was even a bathroom in the house.