The mania for burgers is still so relevant at the moment that the restaurants that offer this type of delicacies are constantly multiplying. But what can surprise us in the new place with gourmet offers? We from the Plovdiv guide immediately set out to find out.

You can't miss Street Chefs Plovdiv for two reasons. First, they are one of the most popular burgers in the capital and one of the first in the country and second - they are located right in the heart of the city under the hills - Kapana district, so sooner or later you’ll end up here! Starting with a stationary food truck on one of the streets of Sofia, today they are growing and offering their hit menu in 11 locations.

The first caravan opened its doors at a time when burgers were still gaining popularity and initially caused a real sensation. The creators sincerely believe in good street food and with their culinary works tirelessly try to change the perception of it and show that it can be healthy, high quality, affordable and delicious. The compromise with the products is absolutely unthinkable and everything is absolutely fresh and doesn’t go through a freezing process. The meat is procured from proven Bulgarian producers, and the bread is a home-baked brioche made following an original recipe, and is delivered twice a day. Their additional products are really phenomenal. The cheddar is naturally aged according to an English recipe, and the caramelized onions and hot jalapeno peppers are not to be missed.

Crispy potato lovers won’t be disappointed either, because here they are really superb and perfectly garnished with rosemary. Everything is unpretentious, but made with a lot of emotions and attitude to the food that is prepared in front of your eyes - from pickles and pickled radishes, which they add to the burgers, to the sauces, which are spread on meat or bread.

The menu is short, but we can safely say that there is a suitable option for everyone. Connoisseurs of quality meat should definitely try the "star" - Chefs Burger, and for a little more daring experimenters - we suggest you combine the taste of 100% beef burger with a more specific feeling of melted gorgonzola. For vegetarians, the veggie version is with cauliflower, and for fish lovers - Salmon Star!

Well, we can't help but admit that we are almost all fans of burgers, and with so many different options in Street Chefs - Plovdiv, everyone will find what best suits their taste and will probably have more than one favorite!