Culinary is not just cooking. The combination of the right products and fragrances presented properly is an art form. Add a pinch of fantasy, teaspoon of innovation and a dose of emotion and create magic. It is created by virtuosos with sensitive palates and subtle senses. One of the biggest magic’s in this world of taste and sense is the barbecue. Well, Lost in Plovdiv has a favorite BBQ place which we highly recommend – the family restaurant Porky’s.

When was the last time you’ve tasted whole roast pig? How about pork cracklings on pan or baked bacon? If you haven’t don’t waste time and visit Porky’s BBQ. The family restaurant from which you can sense appetizing aroma in pleasant surroundings will delight you with plenty. The top of the menu is a whole roast pig with balloon. The golden crust is so attractive that you will even forget about the cutlery. Typical for Bulgaria, the pig is served whole on the table, prepared on the spot, almost before your eyes.

If you think it’s too much of a bite, there is no way that the porchetta won’t temp you. This is deboned pork, rolled into and seasoned with herbs, which give a great feeling of freshness to the dish. Porky’s BBQ is one of the few places in town that offers veal cheeks and traditional lamb balls with butter, garlic and fresh onion. The two master chef’s secrets not only deserve your attention – it’s imperative to try them. They are made by special recipe by chef Borukov who will reveal the secret only in the plate. If you ask him how he manage to achieve the flavor, he well answer that gastronomy is magic, not only recipes. Don’t miss the incredible Brezovska pan - sauerkraut and rice into fragrant mix with chicken breast and pork, cooked in the oven before your eyes. Other masterpiece on the menu is the roasted quail. Lost in Plovdiv also recommends beef tongue in butter and garlic, classic in Bulgaria pork cracklings in pan with onions on cold winter days, granny beans in oven and, of course, magnificent stuffed cabbage vine leaves. Mmm… we stop here before we get hungry.

Porky’s BBQ menu is rich and full of different proposals with accent on the barbecue itself and local meals. For the satisfaction of every costumer, the restaurant cooks only with fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meats and fish and minced meat which is done inside the kitchen. You read right! To prepare the iconic for the place meatballs in bizarre shapes is ordered fresh meat, which is grind in Porky's BBQ, so the barbecue chefs can be sure that everything will be made qualitatively.

The intimate atmosphere in the family restaurant will delight you with something else - the barbecue is just to the left of the bar and you can see how the meat is prepared. If you don’t believe us, go look for yourself.

After all said and done we have only one last thing to add – the nutritional fine lunch menu, which chefs prepare for their clients shortly before served. Fresh salads, traditional Bulgarian appetizers, delicious meat meals and exiting deserts – they awaits you in Porky’s BBQ. Go find them!