Only a year ago a new and interesting space appeared on the verge of artistic district “Kapana”. It’s B2N, a place for 3D printers. The company is based in the capital but as part of extenders activities, it opened an office in Plovdiv. On this occasion we met with Daniel Hristev, manager of B2N Plovdiv.

 B2N ltd was founded in 2006 with basic activities architectural design and consulting services. In the progress accrued the idea of creating a workshop for 3D printing and prototyping.  This direction lead to supply the Bulgarian market with everything related to 3D technology - printers, scanners, software, consumables and services. Today the company is official representative for Bulgaria and Eastern Europe at leading companies in the 3D industry.

The company is divided into two parts – B2N & 3D Happiness. The first part is for business clients, distribution, maintenance, training, etc. and the second - to perform services of all kind. When the team thought about a name for the showroom and workshop, they realized that whatever we do - we all seek happiness. Designing, remodeling and efficient production facilities for everyday use can be one of the important steps in this direction. Therefore 3D Happiness will work for a more beautiful and functional world by creating personalized products, but also will save time and money.

Besides distribution of 3D printers, the team deals with very interesting tasks. “We’ve scanned people, automobiles for exhibitions and movies, historical monuments and architectural discoveries, even a dog!" tell us Daniel. He added that global 3D printing is not something new. It is most widespread in Netherlands.

Except making models, they can print space parts. For example – a girl broke her headphones which cost nearly 4 digit amount. Due to the lack of spare parts the girl took them to the 3D workshop where the broken holder was scanned and printed again, which saved a lot of money to the girl. Daniel told us that they’ve scanned even animals for production of prostheses, such as splint for puppy with a broken leg.

The printers can make models, furniture, machine elements, conceptual parts and finished products, also work with various materials such as wood, metal, resin, silicone, rubber, plastic and many more. Everything can be made. There is no limit in design, form and structure. Any individual, personalized and unique products, prototypes, finished products for direct integration.

Practically, 3D printing can do everything, even the first living organs which can exist alone although for a short time. The app extends from design through household needs, industrial goods to medical purposes. The future of this technology is developing rapidly and it appears optimistic even in our country, although it’s not so popular. Yet, there is a huge increase of sales at a national level. Why not save time and money when we have the opportunity?!