For 2 years there’s been a place in the Old Town of Plovdiv that isn’t exactly a museum, but not a simple Revival house with a wonderful architecture either. Here in the form of a talk, father and daughter will introduce you to the history of distillation on our lands, will introduce you to its subtleties and will tell you why this process is considered state-of-the-art. Their task of presenting a variety of typical Bulgarian high-alcohol drinks is not easy, but a testimony to their success are the smiles we all leave with and the pleasant impression they leave for Bulgaria and some of the products we are famous for in the world. And the best part is that the entire conversation also has a tasting part where you will try several products of the distillation process that will surely stun you in the best way.

We often associate Bulgaria with winemaking, but it has traditions in the distillation of high-alcohol beverages from ancient times. They are what impresses all the visitors, because, in order to get a nice distillery, you definitely need mastery. It turns out that the process itself is rather unknown worldwide and this type of presentation is interesting not only for lovers of distillation but even for those who come to visit the house only by curiosity or even come upon it by accident.

During the last year, the house has been visited by a variety of nationalities: Spaniards, French, Italians, Americans, and each receives personal attention and personal response to any question from competent and certified technologists. Interestingly, not only tourists but also people with a lively interest in the process often come here. Everything is explained to the slightest detail here, and they are confident that the production of high-alcohol beverages is multi-component and depends both on technology and the formulation, and even on hygiene, which should be at the highest level.

The conversation can take place in English, Russian or Spanish, and we guarantee that you will listen with a mouth wide open. They talk so fascinatingly and with such infuriating enthusiasm that even if the matter may seem distant and unfamiliar, the whole experience undoubtedly enriches you and brings you only positive emotions.

And if the lecture is something that is undoubtedly interesting and useful for the inquisitive, the tasting part is what nobody is indifferent to. There are drinks for every taste: lighter drinks such as sweet liqueurs of rose, melon, and peppermint or traditional Bulgarian white rakia, along with the specially developed and patented recipe of anisette with 12 herbs. Degrees vary from 12 to 47, but despite their high alcohol content, they are delicious and unique. And the best thing is that you can buy them on the spot. They are not available anywhere on the market, and the packages are different so they can fit even in your hand luggage.

In the museum, you will also be able to see old distillation apparatus, as well as authentic Viennese furniture from 1864 when the building was built.

The yard is spacious and predisposes to a pleasant time spent in conversations and a chance to relax where you can drink the beverage you have chosen to buy.

It is open for visiting every day from 10 am to 6 pm.