Until a few years ago, the concept of street food was not a trend in the City under the hills. When you say you’ve eaten out, it would often mean that you have taken a greasy doner or a piece of pizza from the pavilion at the corner. Fortunately for all culinary enthusiasts, today everything seems totally different and street food is a huge field for innovative and impressive recipes and tastes. Such is the idea of the newest establishment in Plovdiv.

Torro Boulevard opened its doors at the beginning of the year and has already made a promise that it will become a place that uniquely combines the unpretentious street food culture with the craftsmanship in the kitchen.

As soon as you enter, you will find yourself in an eclectic urban atmosphere that will appeal both to visitors with an eye for detail and to those of us who want to escape from the posh atmosphere of the more glamorous restaurants. Here, the design is specially developed by a Moscow studio specializing in furnishings, and each element is impressive.

You sink cozily in the booth, and the city’s hectic rhythm moves in front of you as on a screen, allowing you to simultaneously isolate yourself from the noise and tension, but also stay on the crest of the wave. There are also two completely separate halls, which are very suitable for celebrating personal holidays and occasions in an intimate setting.

The menu, however, is the main reason to be fascinated with the place and to recommend it. Starting with traditional salads and starters, we come to the central place that is deservedly reserved for burgers and sushi. And here they are legendary!

When you’re looking for the perfect burger, order any of the offers to enjoy the unique taste of 100% fresh veal and minced meat prepared according to Torro's trademark technology. The result is juicy, dense and tender, allowing you to feel both the enticing aroma of the meat and the freshness of the vegetables and the rich palette of other ingredients. For vegetarians, there is a special veggie taco with vegetables and spicy ingredients that will take you directly to Mexico.

The other star in the dish list is undoubtedly sushi. This Japanese specialty has lately become a true culinary trend and gathers more and more admirers who are delighted to experiment with more unconventional flavors and fusion recipes. The menu was created specially by masters attending the prestigious sushi academy in France and mastered the technology of perfectly prepared rice combined with the finest ingredients to make a feast for the eyes and a delight for the palate.

The new things are sushi burgers, sushi burritos and black sushi with squid ink. The goal of each of the sushi bits is not only to please your appetite for delicious food but also to awaken the desire to explore new cuisines and cultures.

Only here you can enjoy the authentic udon noodles, which you can try in a variation with beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetables. The colorful plate is like a painting that visualizes the irresistible tastes of Asia.

Everything from the menu can be ordered by phone or via online platforms and delivered to your home and office.

We won’t surprise you by saying that coffee is also an exclusive brand. FilicoriZecchini is a boutique coffee bakery in the Bologna area, which opened in 1919. They don’t make any compromises with the quality of the caffeinated beverage here and it always has an intense aroma and velvety flavor. Accompany all this culinary feast with a fantastic chocolate terrine and we can ensure you that Torro Boulevard will become your favorite place for meeting friends, loved ones and indulging in culinary delights.

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