House, made of candy. It sounds like the story of Hansel and Gretel. Fortunately, we can rest our imagination because there is a place like this in Plovdiv. And the best part is that instead of wicked witch the welcoming committee is of cheerful people, who will invite you to taste the sweeten temptations. It’s called Dolce Fellini, right across restaurant Hemingway on “Gurco”st. in the center of the city. They are both members of the same company.

Everything in Dolce Fellini is prepared on spot from pastry chefs. You'll find over a hundred desserts. Everything is exquisitely arranged because the hosts believe in the statement that appetite comes not only with food, but with appearance.

Baileys mousse wrapped in chocolate, authentic Sicilian cannoli with sheep ricotta, complete with pistachio and caramelized orange, French macaroni, mousse of green tea and chocolate and Baileys in a chocolate shell, toffee mousse with chocolate and caramel, chocolate drops with Roquefort and cherry sauce, chocolate panakota with coffee, Charlotte with rum and biscuits, nougat with chocolate, almonds and dried fruit, dzukoti with Belgian chocolate, hazelnut and strawberry mascarpone. The refined desserts are like the first kiss. There are also plenty of cakes. The abundance of unique flavors would make any celebration memorable. Cake with chocolate mousse and coffee, cake with mango and raspberry, whose appearance  leaves you breathless, carrot cake with white chocolate and pistachio for fans of eccentric tastes and preferred by many - éclair cake.

The chefs in Dolce Fellini make not only cakes but also ice cream. A lot of diversity for each taste and quality – this is how the showcase with homemade ice cream can be described. The secret of high-quality ice creams is using always fresh seasonal fruit, pure milk and the best French cream. For fine taste masters add the best hazelnuts from Piedmont, pistachios from Sicily, chocolate from South America and Africa, the purest vanilla beans from Madagascar and Polynesia, fresh cheese imported from Europe and the best selection of liqueurs and syrups. The artesian ice cream is the pride of Dolce Fellini. The chefs respect the authentic Italian way of cooking and add their ideas and culinary craftsmanship.