If you’ve ever been to Italy, weather on work or on a holiday, then undoubtedly you have felt the pleasures of the amazing cuisine of this passionate nation. Cooking is a culture on its own in The Boot; it has made it famous throughout the world and has become a favourite of more than half of it. If you have managed to avoid the top tourist establishments and visit some typical local restaurant in which the owner serves you a  dish that smells amazing, and if you ask them for the internet password, you get a real shower of angry words in Italian that you can not understand, but you get the basic meaning – this is a place to eat and not an internet club, then you have tasted the life on the Apennines.

If you haven’t or you’d like to transfer yourself there again for a little, then you can do that in restaurant Maramao. This is an Italian restaurant on the brim of Kapana on 6 Stefan Verkovich Str. that has been existing for two and a half years. Marmao is an authentic Italian restaurant, whose owner Federico or Freddie, as he is known, meets you at the doorstep with a wide smile and good mood that immediately transfers onto the customers. Rusen and he are the people that cook and bring happiness to the senses of the people of Plovdiv, offering them the renowned fresh Italian pasta and thin crispy pizza. It’s exactly the home-made Italian food that they win their customers with. The home-made bread and pastry are made using special recipes brought by Freddie from his home town near Tuscany. The risotto with all kinds of seafood should also be checked from the list of every self-esteemed gastronome. It would be served al dente, as they call it in Monica Bellucci’s land. In Stoichkov’s land it would mean that the rice has been hard boiled and is a little crispier than in our grandmas’ recipes.
Stuffed squid, shrimps, home-made pesto and sweet panna cotta fill the idyllic picture in one of the tasty foreign locations in Kapana. The fans of wine will be over satisfied with the choice of quality drinks made of grapes, personally chosen by the owner, who is a connoisseur of red wine, as well as the beautiful Bulgarian women, as he points out himself. Freddie and his team make no compromise with the quality of what they offer in this small piece of Italy, transferred to Plovdiv’s Kapana. Once you have visited Maramao you’ll definitely transfer at least for a few minutes, while enjoying the atmosphere and the dishes, to the South of Italy – the center of divine food and enchanting wine.